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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Hua Chunying's Remarks on August 9, 2019

Q: Pakistan has decided to downgrade diplomatic relations with India and suspend trade ties with New Delhi. What is your comment on that?

A: China noted relevant statement by Pakistan. The pressing priority is that the relevant party should stop unilaterally changing the status quo and avoid escalation of tensions. We call on Pakistan and India to resolve disputes through dialogue and negotiation and jointly uphold regional peace and stability.

Q: A recent UN report said that companies from Israel, Britain, North Korea and China have supplied weapons to Myanmar from 2016. Can you confirm that? What's your comment on this UN report?

A: Myanmar is China's friendly neighbor and the two countries maintain friendly cooperation in various fields, including on normal military trade. The Chinese government adopts a prudent and responsible attitude towards the export of military items, strictly manage that in accordance with China's international obligation and domestic laws and regulations and follow the three principles for arms exports: the exports should be conducive to the legitimate self-defence capability of the recipient country; theyshould not undermine the peace, security and stability of the region concerned and the world as a whole; and they should not be used as a means of interfering in the internal affairs of the recipient country.

Q: According to a report issued by cyber research firm FireEye, the hacker group working for the Chinese government attacked game companies and cryptocurrency providers for personal profit. FireEye said those hackers work for the Chinese government and are involved in commercial hacking behaviors for profit. I wonder what is your response?

A: The firm you mentioned accused China many times under the pretext of cybersecurity. Its accusations are ill-intentioned fabrications. China firmly opposes that.

China is a staunch upholder of cybersecurity. We firmly oppose and combat all forms of cyberattack and cybertheft. The cyberspace is highly virtual and filled with multiple actors whose behaviors are difficult to trace. When investigating and determining the nature of a cyberspace activity, one should present abundant evidence instead of making random assumptions. Irresponsible accusations will only escalate tension and confrontation in the cyberspace and poison the environment for cooperation.

I would also add that the world knows clearly who has been most engaged in cyberattack and cybertheft around the globe.

Q: According to sources familiar to this matter, after China announced the suspension of purchasing American agricultural products, the US postponed a decision on granting licenses that would allow US companies to continue doing business with Huawei. I wonder what is your comment on that?

A: I'm not aware of the US decision you talked about. I'd refer you to the US side. I'd like to stress the following points.

The US has been using its national power to randomly sanction and oppress Chinese companies. This has seriously undermined its image as a country and its own interests. What's worse, it has severely damaged global industrial chain and supply chain. This has been and will continue to be opposed by all countries. As we note, Qualcomm, Intel, Micron and other American companies have asked the US government to make a decision on granting licenses as soon as possible. US Commerce Secretary Ross said on July 30 that the department has received over 50 applications for sales license for Huawei, and the number is still increasing. I think the business sector has demonstrated a clear attitude. Also, the US government has made commitments on this issue before.

We urge the US to stop unreasonable oppression and sanctions on Huawei and other Chinese companies and to treat them in a fair, just and non-discriminatory manner. We advise the US to become responsible for its people, for China-US relations and for the world economy, give up illusions and demonstrate good faith. It needs to work in concert with China to resolve each other's concerns and differences through consultation based on equality and mutual respect.

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